Biology by Extension

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Left Feeling Uneasy

Kouhei Nakama‘s DIFFUSION

From Nadine Ajaka, The Atlantic: “Why don’t humans have patterned texture like animals? This was the question that the artist and animator Kouhei Nakama wanted to explore with his mesmerizing short film, DIFFUSION. The depictions of humans in this video were made entirely on a computer—no photographs or illustrations were used. Nakama notes that this type of evolution could be possible in the future: “To what extent will we transform ourselves?” he writes on his website. “Then what will be the definition of human beings?””



ALBERT in NeuroPlastic Land

Work by Elaine Yan Ling Ng

From website: “ALBERT in NeuroPlastic Land, un­like Alice in Wonderland, borrows its name from a powerful imaging technology. Though like the fairytale story, it combines imagination with reality to invite the public to play. Elaine Ng (designer) and Dr Ioannis Gousias (scientist) present the ancient Greek game, Triliza, in brightly coloured reflective lenticular plastic that responds to external stimuli. Inspired by the revelations of brain atlasing tech­niques their installation echoes the plasticity of the human brain.”

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